Help your clients reach audiences based on
actual consumption of TV, Movies, and
other professionally-produced entertainment

Why should Agencies & Brands work with Tru Optik?

Tru Optik is the only “big data” source capturing actual consumption of TV, Movies, Music and Video Games, with behavioral data on over 500 million consumers in 150+ markets worldwide.

Unlike Google, Facebook, and Snapchat, Tru Optik is a data-intelligence company at heart. Our focus is delivering comprehensive, accurate information - we are not distracted or conflicted by the need to manage and monetize our own media platform.

Because our media-interest segments are based on actual consumption of full-length professionally-produced content – not “likes” or trailer views – they provide an unmatched combination of validity, precision, and scale.

Whether you’re seeking to execute one-to-one deterministic campaigns for Entertainment properties, or enhance targeting and placement for virtually any brand, our DSP and data solutions will drive improved performance.

Our Solutions

Campaign Management

Build, launch and track campaigns using precision custom audience segments that only Tru Optik can offer at scale

Ad Targeting

Access granular consumer segments based on actual entertainment consumption, or augment existing segmentation schemes. Activate across Display, Mobile, SVOD, OTT and Addressable TV

Audience Segmentation

Behavioral, Demographic, and Psychographic segments across digital channels

Learn how our comprehensive audience intelligence solutions can help you boost your bottom line