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Why should the Music Industry work with Tru Optik?

The music industry has been at the leading edge of the audience shift to digital-first media consumption As revenue shift from unit sales to streams live events and merchandising, the music industry can work with Tru Optik to inform their revenue generating strategies an uncover new opportunities to monetize their content and audience.

Tru Optik uses its unmatched understanding of global audience demand for digital music to deliver actionable intelligence and solutions for the Music industry. From marketing album releases and tours, to selling merchandise and uncovering brand placement opportunities; Tru Optik can increase your ability to convert your music catalog and fans into revenue.

Our Solutions

Audience Acquisition

Build, launch and track programmatic campaigns via custom audience segments to generate awareness, build pre-release buzz, to drive engagement and generate impactful tour, merchandise and streaming revenues across OTT, desktop and mobile platforms.

Content-based and Lookalike Retargeting

Onboard your first-party audiences to enable retargeting of first-party and off-network consumers of your content or fans of similar music to reach the audiences most likely to engage with your content across OTT, desktop and mobile platforms

Audience Measurement

Use Tru Optik’s analytics to better understand how your audience is engaging with your content. Identify audience preferences and trends in content consumption both domestic and international. Also Music labels can improve scheduling, promotion and distribution strategies for specific titles

Content Licensing Strategy and Competitor Analysis

Tru Optik’s global digital media consumption data can be used to understand the value of any content that you or your competitor music labels may create or license. Determine the value of your music title based on geography, demographics and other cross-media affinities. Understand which audiences your competitors are engaging with based on their content

Custom Talent Analysis for Touring and Sponsorships Intelligence

Uncover hidden pockets of demand for your talent to improve touring and live event opportunities. Understand cross-media affinities of your audience to fully monetize on brand placement and sponsorships. Better understand which talent can be leveraged for endorsements, non-music projects (like film and TV appearances, etc.) and other promotional opportunities

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