OTT Marketing Cloud Overview

The OTT Marketing Cloud powered by Tru Optik is an integrated data management, campaign activation, audience measurement, and marketing attribution platform designed to empower media companies, publishers, and advertisers with the ability to better monetize audiences and engage their target consumers across OTT and Connected TV.

The OTT Marketing Cloud is the first post cookie, post SDK programmatic marketing platform. In 2017 you can keep waiting for your legacy vendors/solutions to catch up to your audience, or you can immediately fill your capability gaps across OTT.

Tru Optik clients can leverage the OTT Marketing Cloud as an integrated, end-to-end platform, or access any combination of capabilities as needed to fill gaps left by their legacy vendors.

The OTT Marketing Cloud consists of 6 key service modules:


- Tru Optik DMP (cookie-less, SDK-free data management)

- The OTT Data Marketplace (third-party demographic, lifestyle, and purchase data)

- Tru Optik Activation (OTT audience targeting and media buying)

- Tru Optik CAV (Cross-Screen Audience Validation)

- Tru Optik Attribution (online and offline OTT marketing attribution)

- Tru Optik Analytics (in app OTT measurement and viewer analytics)

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