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Why should TV Networks work with Tru Optik?

In contrast to linear TV, OTT TV is a consumer-driven platform involving active viewer choices across a wide range of content where concepts like “time slot,” “lead in,” and “appointment TV” don’t exist. OTT changes the viewing experience itself, and that changes the demand for TV properties.

In fact, there is absolutely no correlation between linear TV ratings and OTT demand for TV programs.

Networks that work with Tru Optik understand this. They use our OTT measurement data to develop winning content strategies, to decide when and where to license content for OTT, and to drive favorable deals at the negotiating table.

They optimize tune-in campaigns by leveraging the world’s largest TV consumption data set to build TV interest segments with a precision far beyond the reach of panel-based measurement systems.

Established networks use Tru Optik to efficiently build audience for their own OTT channels by identifying and reaching high-potential viewers. They monetize OTT ad inventory with our cross-device targeting capabilities, OTT data cloud, and easy-install measurement tools, allowing them to deliver OTT’s promise of one-to-one marketing and direct attribution.

Our Solutions

Audience Acquisition

One way to think of our enormous TV consumption data set is as the Data Management Platform (DMP) for TV audience acquisition. Quantify the TV (and cross-media) affinities for viewers of any genre or title to supercharge tune-in campaigns. Rapidly build OTT audiences by directly targeting high-potential prospects using granular content consumption, demos, and lifestyle specs

Audience Measurement & Content Demand

Tru Optik’s TV consumption data can be used to understand OTT and SVOD demand for virtually any TV title, virtually anywhere. Our clients use this to value properties for licensing or acquisition, to optimize program line-ups, and to build selling stories for distributors and retailers

Custom Analytics and Reports

Put the power of the world’s largest media consumption database to work for you! Identify viewers’ cross-media affinities to uncover hidden brand placement and sponsorship opportunities. Understand which titles will add the largest incremental audience to your platform(s) before closing deals

Custom Talent and Competitor Analysis

TV Networks can also better understand which audiences your competitors are engaging with based on their content. They can also determine which on-screen and off-screen talent works best for future projects or promotion

Inventory Monetization

Tru Optik has the industry’s only Data Management Platform (DMP) built for OTT, featuring easy-install tracking pixels (no SDK’s), robust segmentation capabilities, and seamless cross-device targeting & attribution. Check it out!

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