Tru Optik Analytics

● De-dupe audience across OTT screens

● Reduce install time by 80% vs. SDKs

● Enable in-depth audience profiling to enhance inventory yield

Perhaps the most fundamental question an advertiser can ask about a TV platform or program is “How large is the audience?” Yet it’s a question most OTT publishers can’t answer today because legacy TV measurement solutions are simply not up to the task:

● Panel-based TV measurement systems lack the scale to reliably project OTT audiences in the vast majority of cases.

● Software development kits (SDKs) are an option, but not a practical one considering the wide variety of streaming media players, smart TVs, and gaming consoles that consumers use to stream OTT content to at-home TV screens. Configuring high- maintenance SDKs to a dozen or more platforms is a non-starter for OTT publishers.

Tru Optik Analytics employs a revolutionary measurement approach to capture census-level, moment-by-moment OTT viewing behavior across devices, including CTV. Advanced Household Graph™ capabilities use anonymous identifiers to sync viewing across desktop, mobile, and CTV devices at the household level.

This allows Tru Optik to deliver de-duped “total audience” across your OTT platform, including total viewers, total views, view time, days, dayparts, and DMA breaks. Our user-friendly dashboard powers in-depth analysis and reporting by title/episode, device, and time period.

Innovative technology eliminates cumbersome integration processes, reducing install and maintenance time by 80% versus SDKs.

Tru Optik Analytics is also fully integrated with the OTT Data Marketplace. Enrich your first party viewer data with rich, household-level demographic, lifestyle, and purchase data to create granular audience segments tailored to advertiser specs.

If your campaign is not being activated through the OTT Marketing Cloud, you can still append the CAV tag to your ads and validate your reach, frequency, and in-target audience across both your programmatic and publisher-direct OTT campaigns.

Why go another day not knowing the true audience for your OTT apps and programs? Call your Tru Optik Audience Engineer at 203-816-8499 to find out more.