Tru Optik CAV (Cross-Screen Audience Validation)

● The ONLY audience validation solution that works across OTT

● Validate delivery against advanced audience characteristics (not just demos)

Campaign validation has been a source of frustration for OTT advertisers. The big promise of OTT advertising is bringing 1 – 1 digital-style targeting to the most influential household screen.

“Standard” digital audience validation techniques are unable to verify delivery of that promise. The only audience characteristics they confirm are wide ranging demographics, one of many dimensions used to define OTT campaign targets.

Worse, current techniques can’t establish OTT campaign reach or frequency because Connected TV (CTV), the most important and largest component of most OTT campaigns, can’t be synced to desktop and mobile exposures at a consumer or household level.

Bottom line, applying legacy validation methods to OTT will “verify” reach and frequency for a fraction of campaign impressions against a target that you didn’t buy.

Tru Optik CAV (Cross-Screen Audience Validation) is the only validation system that authenticates OTT campaign delivery to complex targets and works across all screens, including CTV.

Simply embed Tru Optik’s easy-install CAV tag on your ads. That will allow us to link your campaign exposures to the comprehensive collection of purchase, intent, and lifestyle data that resides in the Tru Optik OTT Marketing Cloud. Verify delivery against any combination of pre-defined segments that align with your target audience, or work with us to develop custom segments.

The CAV tag incorporates Tru Optik’s advanced Household Graph™ technology, so it verifies ad exposure across all OTT screens including CTV, and allows exposures to be de-duped at the consumer level (across devices). Now you can determine actual reach and frequency for OTT campaigns.

If your campaign is not being activated through the OTT Marketing Cloud, you can still append the CAV tag to your ads and validate your reach, frequency, and in-target audience across both your programmatic and publisher-direct OTT campaigns.

Contact us to discuss how Tru Optik CAV can validate your ACTUAL audience buy.