We maximize value for stakeholders across the OTT and streaming media advertising ecosystem by enabling data-driven audience targeting, measurement and attribution at massive scale with unmatched accuracy and privacy compliance.​

Data Marketplace is the definitive destination to buy and sell third-party data that powers connected media targeting, activation and measurement. For the first-time, brands and agencies will now have direct and self-service access and do not need to rely on ad tech platforms to access data. And, unlike other solutions, the Data Marketplace makes data actionable in hours, not days or weeks.

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Tru Optik's 2020 Streaming Media Advertising Guide is intended to help marketers, media companies, data providers and tech leaders break through the noise and misinformation that accompany major shifts in media and technology.

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Dramatically improve the reach and accuracy of data-driven streaming media buys. Activate consistent audience buys direct to Publishers or across your preferred ad tech platforms. ​

Have your own identity stack? Configure it for cross-device OTT and streaming media targeting by resolving the industry’s most relied upon Household Graph. ​


Operationalize your first-party consumer data for advanced media targeting with unmatched accuracy, scale and privacy compliance.

Combine your consumer insight with third-party data to reach custom audiences both directly and programmatically. ​

Measure and validate your OTT campaign delivery to understand in target de-duped reach and frequency with unprecedented transparency and speed. ​


Optimize inventory yield by enabling privacy-compliant data-driven transactions across your OTT, streaming audio or gaming inventory. ​

Enhance your existing tech stacks and vendor relationship across targeting, measurement, attribution and more. ​


Safely activate more of your data in more ways across Connected TV, streaming audio and video Games. ​

Monetize audience data at unmatched scale across leading programmatic platforms, media agencies, publishers and measurement providers. ​


Drive more targeted impressions across OTT and all streaming or connected media by connecting to Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace.​

Enhance your in-house identity solution by resolving to the largest Household Graph. ​

Join our Destination Partner Network to allow leading brands and agencies to onboard their first-party and custom audience segments for activation. ​


Get the most from your media budget by targeting specific voter groups on a local, state or national level according to party affiliation, past voting behavior and issue orientation across Connected TV, smart speakers, gaming consoles, mobile devices and other connected advanced media.​​


Tru Optik powers targeted advertising across the streaming media ecosystem. Each of our solutions is powered by our patented Household Graph of more than 80 million homes. The result is a portfolio that enables the world’s leading brands, agencies, media companies and platforms to identify, engage and measure audiences across OTT, streaming audio and cloud-based gaming with unmatched scale, accuracy and privacy compliance.  ​


Unlock the Value of Data across Streaming Media
Data is the fuel that drives streaming media advertising. Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace is the definitive destination to buy and sell third-party data that powers connected media targeting, activation and measurement.​

Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV)
Accurately de-dupe OTT campaign impressions at the household, publisher and device level with real-time reach and frequency reporting. ​Validate in target delivery against advanced audiences with CAV InTarget.  ​CAV is FREE for new clients. ​

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Privacy.TV enables companies to provide consumer opt-out functionality across over 80 million connected households and hundreds of millions of associated devices. Better facilitate OTT compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). ​

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Maximize political advertising efficiency and scale by reaching voters across ad-supported OTT and streaming audio. Target based on voting history, party affiliation, issue orientation and more by choosing from hundreds of segments from leading political data providers. Match geographic buys precisely to election districts. ​

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Tru Optik is purpose-built for streaming media. Learn more about how we are different and why that makes all the difference!​

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"Gaming is the most preferred entertainment channel among young audiences today and they are assertive about what messages they interact with and how they receive it within a game. As our strategic partner, Tru Optik can help us further this mission with data enrichment opportunities to strengthen our relationship with partners."

Itamar Benedy, CEO and Co-founder

"Oracle Data Cloud wants to allow our data to help advertisers reach the right consumers across every channel, platform, and device, so we’re delighted to work with Tru Optik to integrate our data across their OTT/CTV platform."

Chris Langel, Vice President, Partnerships

"Our partnership with Tru Optik has enabled XUMO to provide more value to advertisers to reach thousands of different consumer segments, as well as measure and validate audiences accurately in real time. As the destination for free live and on-demand streaming entertainment, it only makes sense that we would leverage a DMP built specifically for OTT and Connected TV."

Colin Petrie-Norris, Chief Executive Officer

"We are pleased to be integrated with Tru Optik, and to expose their audiences in Tap for the benefit of our streaming and podcast publishers, as well as their advertisers."

John Rosso, President Market Development



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