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Advertising Guide 2019

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The Tru Optik Marketing Cloud is an integrated data management, campaign validation and marketing attribution platform designed to empower media companies, publishers, and advertisers with the ability to monetize and engage their target audiences across OTT and Connected TV in a privacy compliant manner.

  • The Leading Data Management Platform Across OTT and Connected TV.

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  • Validate Deduped Household Reach, Frequency, Platform Delivery, and In Target Across CTV Ad Campaigns.

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  • The #1 Data Marketplace Premium Publishers and AdTech Platforms Rely On Across Connected TV.

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  • Match OTT and CTV Ad Exposure To Both Online And Offline Sales To Understand Marketing ROI.

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  • The Only Consumer Privacy Opt Out Solution For Cross Platform OTT and Connected TV.

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  • Unmatched Insight Into Your OTT Audience To Inform Better Content Production, Distribution, and Monetization Strategy.

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