Tru Optik identity resolution powers the streaming media advertising ecosystem. Tru Optik’s patented Household Graph™ of more than 80 million U.S. homes enables the world’s leading brands, agencies, media companies and platforms to engage consumers across connected media, including connected TV, streaming audio and cloud-based gaming with unmatched scale, accuracy and privacy compliance.


Open Markets

Tru Optik supports an open marketplace in which advertisers and publishers can transact against any data set at scale with transparency, consistency, simplicity and respect for consumer privacy across the streaming media ecosystem.


Tru Optik is platform agnostic; we do not buy or sell media, serve ads, produce content or manufacture streaming devices. ​

Respect for Consumers

Tru Optik exercises strong privacy protocols that include clear consumer opt-out mechanisms, masking of all personally identifiable information and transparency regarding the data we collect and how that data is used by the Company’s clients and partners. Tru Optik also operates Privacy.TV, an API-based solution that makes it easy for companies across the OTT advertising ecosystem to allow consumers to opt out of behavioral and interest-based targeting at the household level. ​


Tru Optik is a Black-led business with a talented, passionate and diverse employee team. The innovation, creativity and commitment to excellence that is evident in our award-winning products is a direct result of the intellectual combustion that happens when smart people from a variety of backgrounds collaborate towards a common goal.​


Tru Optik was founded in 2013 when digital media was about downloaded content consumed on personal devices. We believed the nascent behavior of streaming video content to large at-home screens would transform television, so we set out to build the technologies and methods advertisers and media companies would need to leverage the power of connected TV and other streaming media. ​​

These included cookieless device recognition, a near-census graph for granular audience-based targeting, accurate cross-screen resolution at the household level and an infrastructure that allows external consumer data sets to connect with a next-generation identity graph purpose-built for streaming and connected media. ​​

Today, Tru Optik is the de facto standard for privacy-compliant data-driven targeting, audience measurement, data management and identity resolution across streaming media, including OTT/CTV, streaming audio and cloud-based gaming. All of our solutions are defined by an unmatched combination of scale and precision that maximizes value for stakeholders across the streaming media advertising ecosystem. ​