How accurate is your OTT campaign measurement?

By David Wiesenfeld, Chief Strategist

Published on

Tru Optik Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV) captures campaign exposure across all brands and types of OTT devices. Our patented approach automatically de-dupes devices at the household level across 80+ million U.S. homes making CAV the most accurate, in-depth OTT campaign measurement solution.

Watch our 2-minute explainer video to see how CAV provides in-campaign measurement of reach, frequency, and targeting precision for OTT/CTV campaigns.


With CAV, you can confidently answer these fundamental campaign measurement questions:

  • How many homes saw my ad?
  • How many times did they see it?
  • What devices and publishers did my campaign run on?
  • What percent of impressions reached my target audience?

Make sure your OTT campaign measurement is "on target" with CAV.