Unlocking Accurate OTT Campaign Measurement with CAV

David Wiesenfeld

September 16, 2019

Over-the-top TV (OTT) continues to gain momentum with advertisers and publishers because of its ability to target specific audiences on television with digital precision. However, OTT campaign measurement remains a major area of concern. Offerings from legacy measurement companies, OTT publishers, and OTT device makers are inadequate for OTT campaign measurement due to limited scale, incorrect or incomplete device maps, and an inability to validate audiences beyond basic demos. These are not simply shortcomings – they are fundamental flaws that result in invalid reach/frequency reporting, limited visibility into publisher and device performance, and irrelevant target insights.

Tru Optik’s Cross-Screen Audience Measurement and Validation (CAV) solution arms advertisers with the information they need to truly understand OTT campaign execution, including de-duped household-level reach/frequency and InTarget delivery for behavior and interest-based audiences. Just as importantly, CAV delivers the publisher and device-level insights required to implement course corrections and strengthen future plans.

CAV accomplishes this by combining three essential features no other OTT measurement solution offers:

  • 1. Massive scale – CAV provides census-level measurement of OTT campaign exposure and InTarget delivery by recording every ad impression delivered across Tru Optik’s OTT Household Graph™ consisting of 80 million U.S. homes that account for 95% of ad-supported OTT view time. We do not model, project, or estimate campaign KPI’s. We simply count.
  • 2. Comprehensive device coverage – CAV detects ad impressions across OTT device types and brands, a pre-requisite for accurate OTT campaign measurement. Importantly, CAV also authenticates OTT device type. Inadvertent delivery of CTV buys to desktop and mobile screens due to incomplete or out-of-date device dictionaries is the “fraud” that matters most in OTT, affecting up to 15% of campaign impressions.
  • 3. Deterministic cross-device resolution – Unlike probabilistic device graphs that attempt to match devices back to individuals at sometimes as low as 60% likelihood, CAV relies on a patented method to deterministically map OTT devices to the correct anonymized household.

CAV marries the scale and fidelity of our patented Household Graph with behavioral, interest-based, and demographic data from best-in-class data partners to measure and benchmark InTarget delivery rate.

CAV is the only solution that measures campaign impressions across virtually all households that watch ad-supported OTT. And it identifies and measures activity for every OTT device belonging to a household. That last part is critical for valid OTT campaign measurement. You then combine that with near-census coverage, and you can deliver the granular insights – by publisher, device, daypart, target group, creative unit – that advertisers and media companies need to optimize individual campaigns and build a winning OTT playbook.

Clients can configure and activate CAV using an online self-service tool. CAV works across both direct and programmatic OTT campaign regardless of agency, publisher, or platform. Campaign KPI’s are updated continuously and accessible via interactive online dashboard and exportable reports.

Do you wonder if you’re getting full value from your OTT investment? Is your advertising reaching the right audience? Are you paying a premium for CTV ads that run on mobile screens? Is your current OTT measurement giving you an accurate picture? If any of these questions give you pause, watch our 2-minute explainer video to see how CAV provides in-campaign measurement of reach, frequency, and targeting precision for OTT/CTV campaigns.

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Unlocking Accurate OTT Campaign Measurement with CAV

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