Cross-Screen Audience

OTT campaign measurement is broken. Many solutions are repurposed from linear TV or legacy digital, twisted and contorted to fit OTT like a $5 shirt. Others only capture activity on certain brands of Connected TV’s or specific OTT apps. Some are proffered by device manufacturers, content distributors or others with a stake in the outcome.

​These solutions are at best incomplete, potentially biased, and often, they are inaccurate. ​  ​

CAV from Tru Optik is purpose-built to address the unique challenges of OTT campaign measurement. CAV arms advertisers with accurate, actionable objective information that drives meaningful improvements to OTT campaign reach, frequency, device delivery and targeting. Simply put, CAV serves as the truth set for OTT measurement. ​

Understand how CAV provides in-campaign measurement of reach, frequency and targeting precision for OTT/CTV campaigns.​


  • Accurate Reach/Frequency Measurement – CAV relies on a patented method to persistently map OTT devices to the correct anonymized household. We do this for every one of the 80 million homes in our Household Graph. Other solutions rely on patchwork device graphs and partial data to estimate campaign reach and frequency. We simply count. ​ ​
  • In-Depth Reporting – CAV provides a clear view of OTT campaign performance down to the publisher-by-device level because it measures each ad impression across Tru Optik’s near-census Household Graph.​
  • Device Validation – Up to 15 percent of CTV impressions are inadvertently delivered to desktop and mobile screens. Opaque “OTT” buys sometimes come with a CTV price tag and a heavy mix of small-screen impressions. CAV provides a sight line into device delivery and a fact base for make-good discussions.​  ​
  • Advanced Audience Validation – CAV’s InTarget feature makes it the only measurement solution that validates OTT campaign delivery against advanced behavioral, interest-based and demographic targets at scale. Targetability is the most compelling feature of OTT so, your OTT measurement solution ought to give you targeting insight.​


It’s never been more important to deploy ad dollars smartly and efficiently, and sound measurement is key to this effort. Start measuring your OTT campaigns for FREE, terms and conditions apply.Learn More

InTarget Reach Measurement Partners

CAV analytics and data are now available for cross-platform measurement providers to increase the accuracy and depth of OTT reporting and to support downstream analytics including incremental reach calculations, conversion analytics and attribution

Unbiased Source –
CAV is platform-agnostic; Tru Optik does not buy or sell media, serve ads or manufacture OTT devices. No conflicts of interest here.  ​​ ​



CAV reports are accessible via an interactive dashboard updated in real time ​


1device type and brand at the campaign level; Device type only for InTarget reporting


Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV) answers fundamental campaign performance questions. CAV can be deployed for any direct or programmatic OTT campaign and is easy-to-use with our online self-service tool to configure and activate your campaign tracking.

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