Unlock the full value of connected media audiences. Leverage branded, first and third-party data to create customized segments for use across both direct and programmatic campaigns.

Because impressions for OTT and other connected media can be directed to audiences that meet advertiser specs, each impression is more valuable than if it was delivered in a less targeted manner, such as buying a program or time slot on linear TV. 

It follows that the value of ad inventory for connected media is tied to how fully publishers and other ad sellers can activate their audiences for data-driven targeting. 

Connected media inventory owners are a bit like luxury hotel operators. For both, success depends on selling “rooms” at full value. Imagine owning a 5-star hotel and having to turn away two thirds of guests because rooms were not ready for occupancy. That’s effectively what publishers who rely on legacy digital platforms for connected media audience targeting are doing every day.

THE DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM Is Made for OTT and Streaming Media

Data management platform Benefits


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