Data Marketplace is the definitive destination for those who buy and sell third-party segments that power connected media targeting, activation, and measurement. For the first-time, brands and agencies will now have direct and self-service access and do not need to rely on ad tech platforms to access data. And, unlike other solutions, the Data Marketplace makes data actionable in hours, not days or weeks.


Maximizing the value of data across the streaming media advertising value chain.

If data is the fuel that drives advanced advertising, Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace is the place to go for high-octane audiences specially formulated to power streaming media and connected device targeting and measurement.

The devices behind the streaming revolution – connected TVs, smart speakers and gaming consoles – are not addressable using legacy digital identifiers like cookies and rarely via device IDs. That means If you rely on a legacy digital data store for streaming media audiences, you’re buying” fuel” that was designed for cookie-based advertising vehicles. ​  
Through some funky chemistry (probabilistically mapping user-level signals to household-level devices) traditional data store audiences can be made to work for streaming media. But your campaigns will sputter and cough and won’t take you as far as your advertising can go. ​  

​All data in Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace is refined for optimal performance across Connected TV, Streaming Audio and In-Game advertising. It’s jet fuel for connected media. ​  ​


How exactly are audiences in Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace different? ​

  • Massive Scale – Audiences in the Data Marketplace are synced to our Household Graph of over 80 million households, representing over 90% of U.S. homes that watch, listen, or play ad-supported content across internet-connected devices. That means Data Marketplace segments achieve up to 4x more scale when accessed in Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace versus legacy data stores not built for connected media. Whether you measure success in terms of campaign reach, inventory yield or impressions transacted, you’ll go farther when you fill up at the DataMarketplace.​
  • Unparalleled Accuracy – Whether syndicated or custom, each segment in the Data Marketplace is mapped to Tru Optik’s Household Graph, which syncs all types of streaming devices and associated identifiers to the correct anonymized household. Our Household graph does not rely on probabilistic models or convoluted connect-the-dots exercises across disparate data sets. The result: unmatched data-driven targeting power relied upon by the largest brands, agencies, publishers and tech platforms. ​
  • Complete Device Coverage – Data Marketplace segments deterministically attach to all connected devices at the household level. That’s a prerequisite for effective frequency capping and accurate measurement of targeted streaming media campaigns. Data-driven streaming media campaigns that don’t cover all connected devices aren’t firing on all cylinders.​
  • Privacy Compliant – Segments are mapped against Privacy.TV opt-out records daily at both the device and household level.
  • Enhanced Speed – Unlike other solutions, the Data Marketplace makes data actionable in hours, not days or weeks.​

Wherever you sit in the value chain, Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace will turbocharge your streaming media advertising performance.​​

Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace empowers you to monetize more of your data in more ways across the streaming media landscape. ​  ​

Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace allows brands and agencies to define specific streaming media audiences across devices and activate them with unmatched precision and scale across leading publishers and advertising platforms. ​In so doing, the Data Marketplace delivers the Holy Grail of OTT and streaming media to advertisers: the ability to efficiently execute omni-channel audience-based campaigns that combine accuracy and scale.

Push to almost any OTT/streaming media publisher, platform or ad network for consistent targeting across a deep inventory pool. By delivering high-yield matches at downstream touch points, Tru Optik drives exponentially greater in-target reach for streaming media campaigns, allowing advertisers to maximize ROAS.​

Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace drives revenue for programmatic platforms by dramatically increasing the scale of OTT and streaming audio buys so that platform partners sell more connected impressions.  

The Data Marketplace contains over 15,000 privacy-compliant segments from leading behavioral, interest-based and demographic data providers. Programmatic exchanges can bring Tru Optik’s entire taxonomy on platform or choose any combination of segments via the Data Marketplace online interface.  

Tru Optik’s patented household graph contains accurate up-to-date OTT device information on 80M+ households, representing over 90% of U.S. homes that watch ad-supported CTV. The HouseholdGraph yields match rates to OTT audience that are traffic two to three times higher than than legacy digital identity graph providers leading to greater in-target reach for connected media campaigns, allowing advertisers to maximize return on ad spend in the most exciting growth area of the television business.

The result is more impressions transacted for connected media campaigns. You’ll also activate more campaigns because the Data Marketplace brings threshold scale to local and hyper-targeted connected campaigns.

Additional Data Marketplace benefits include: ​

The Destination Partner Network allows publishers and programmatic platforms that are not already synced to Tru Optik to match their inventory to I/O’s for defined connected audiences on an ad hoc privacy-compliant basis.

Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace is the most-used “open” platform for data-driven streaming media targeting.
The Data Marketplace is frequented by most major national and local media agencies as well as leading in-house brand buyers.

Becoming a Tru Optik Destination Partner is an easy way to transact more streaming media business – there are no participation fees.  

In addition to increased demand, Destination Partner benefits include:

Expanded Customer
Scalable Audiences


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