Truoptik INFronts 2019

Fifth Annual INFronts Addresses Advancements and Pitfalls Across OTT and Addressable TV

Industry leaders from Oracle Data Cloud, TransUnion, SpotX, Amobee, Gamut, and Tru Optik gathered together to discuss the latest advancements in audience targeting, measurement, and attribution that can be leveraged against their TV/Video spend.

INFronts 2019 Highlights

Fireside Chat: Data Solutions for CTV/OTT

INFronts 2019 hosted a lively Q&A segment with Matt Spiegel, EVP Digital Marketing Solutions, Head of Media Vertical at TransUnion facilitated by Andre Swanston, CEO of Tru Optik. Discussing the recent TransUnion and Tru Optik partnership and leveraging high-quality data to provide insights and add value for OTT/CTV advertisers.

INFronts 2019 Fireside Chat

Connected TV Advertising Panel: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Linear TV and Digital Advertising

Hear how Oracle Data Cloud, SpotX, Amobee, and Gamut are leveraging the best that Connected TV has to offer to create new opportunities, build stronger consumer connections and achieve higher ROAs while avoiding targeting, measurement, attribution and privacy pitfalls.

INFronts 2019 Panel

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