Agencies, Media Companies and Brands Can Now Market to Audiences Based on OTT Entertainment Consumption Behavior

People-Based Cross-Screen Marketing Data Comes to CTV

July 21, 2016, STAMFORD, CT

Data is the most critical and valuable currency for media companies, agencies and brands when developing campaigns to reach the right audience and generate the highest ROI. However, when it comes to media and entertainment consumption, this data is some of the best performing but is hard to find at scale.

Tru Optik, the only audience measurement and data management platform built for over-the-top (OTT), is making the world's largest media and entertainment dataset available through leading data management and data onboarding platforms. This will make granular audience segments available for agencies, media companies, brands and publishers to use across all screens, including for the first time Connected TV (CTV). The custom, curated segments are based on first-party, anonymized data on the media and entertainment consumption of more than 500 million consumers across multiple devices. The data segments will provide a better and more comprehensive understanding of individuals or households consumption of TV, movies, video games, software and music, as well as behavioral/psychographic, ethnicity and custom audiences by overlaying this information over the end-user's first-party data.

"If a company wants to market to binge watchers of drama TV shows in Omaha, Nebraska, or soccer video game players in Sao Paolo, Brazil, it can now leverage Tru Optik’s unmatched media and entertainment data to do so,” said Andre Swanston, co-founder and CEO of Tru Optik.

Tru Optik has identified what separates its data from other audience and consumer data sources:

  1. Real People: Tru Optik data is long-term, deterministic and cookie-less, which dramatically decreases wasted impressions to non-human traffic
  2. Omni-Channel/Cross-Device: Tru Optik data is the only census-level, omni-channel source of media consumption data that can be activated across all screens including mobile, Addressable and Connected TV
  3. Timely: Tru Optik data is updated in real-time, which is synced with partners every 24-hours
  4. Global Reach: Tru Optik segments can be leveraged across 150 countries

“Tru Opitk’s anonymized, entertainment behavior data has outperformed all other data sources including demographics, geolocation and social media, in terms of driving ROI for media and entertainment offerings such as OTT subscriber acquisition, cloud computing subscriptions, concert tickets, music streaming subscriptions, TV tune-in and box office releases. However, until now these insights were not easy to leverage broadly by brands and were not available at scale,” said David Wiesenfeld, chief strategist at Tru Optik.

“Over the past year, while in private beta, we have proved the efficacy of these audience segments with our global partnership with Mindshare as well as with campaigns for Dish, Sony and a host of other leading media companies and agencies. This marks the first time curated segments from Tru Optik will be made available via a variety of third party platforms," Swanston concluded.

Tru Optik has raised the bar in terms of consumer privacy, becoming one of the first audience data providers to allow for IP-based opt-out from interest-based marketing via the Tru Optik Household Graph. This means consumers have the ability to opt-out all devices in their household including Connected TVs.

About Tru Optik

Tru Optik is a digital media intelligence company providing audience insight and advertising solutions that empower brand marketers and media companies to fully monetize audience and consumer demand. Armed with the largest census-level measurement of global over-the-top media consumption, Tru Optik’s proprietary data, advanced technology, and unmatched focus make us the preferred partner of many of the world’s largest media companies, brands, and agencies as they navigate the millennial led shift to OTT.

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