OTT & Connected TV Advertising Guide 2019


Right now, brands are running precision-targeted audience-based OTT campaigns with the scale, consistency, and simplicity of network buys. That probably comes as a surprise but it’s true.

OTT’s potential to transform advertising by fusing the targeting power of digital with the premium high-engagement content of television has been well documented. The challenge these days is getting a true fix on the state of ad-supported OTT through the whirlwinds that accompany rapid growth.

This guide aims to provide clarity around the current OTT advertising market, and to give both buyers and sellers an understanding of the core capabilities and competencies necessary to harness the full power of this game-changing medium.

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Readers will gain new insight into these issues and more:

How large is the ad-supported OTT market?

What are the 2 keys to unlocking the potential of OTT advertising?

Is OTT more expensive than other types of TV advertising?

What popular source of OTT targeting information deserves more advertiser scrutiny?

How can I ensure my targeted OTT ad initiatives are privacy compliant?