• De-dupe audience across OTT screens
  • Reduce install time by 80% vs. SDKs
  • Enable in-depth audience profiling to enhance inventory yield

Perhaps the most fundamental question an advertiser can ask about a TV platform or program is “How large is the audience?” Yet it’s a question most OTT publishers can’t answer today because legacy TV measurement solutions are simply not up to the task:

  • Panel-based TV measurement systems lack the scale to reliably project OTT audiences in the vast majority of cases.
  • Software development kits (SDKs) are an option, but not a practical one considering the wide variety of streaming media players, smart TVs, and gaming consoles that consumers use to stream OTT content to at-home TV screens. Configuring high- maintenance SDKs to a dozen or more platforms is a non-starter for OTT publishers.

Tru Optik Analytics employs a revolutionary measurement approach to capture census-level, moment-by-moment OTT viewing behavior across devices, including CTV. Advanced Household Graph™ capabilities use anonymous identifiers to sync viewing across desktop, mobile, and CTV devices at the household level.

This allows Tru Optik to deliver de-duped “total audience” across your OTT platform, including total viewers, total views, view time, days, dayparts, and DMA breaks. Our user-friendly dashboard powers in-depth analysis and reporting by title/episode, device, and time period.

Innovative technology eliminates cumbersome integration processes, reducing install and maintenance time by 80% versus SDKs.

Tru Optik Analytics is also fully integrated with the OTT Data Marketplace. Enrich your first party viewer data with rich, household-level demographic, lifestyle, and purchase data to create granular audience segments tailored to advertiser specs.

Why go another day not knowing the true audience for your OTT apps and programs?