Cross Audience Screen Validation - 2

Tru Optik Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV) provides census-level measurement and audience validation for OTT and Connected TV marketing campaigns. CAV is the only OTT campaign-measurement solution that works across all Connected TV devices and validates InTarget delivery against specific demographic, behavioral and interest-based targets.

CAV delivers vital and critical real-time information in order to optimize campaign performance including: HH reach and frequency; platform, device and publisher information; as well as InTarget campaign performance at a segment level.

CAV can be deployed for any OTT campaign, irrespective of publisher, platform or agency.

Campaign Delivery

As much as 12% of CTV inventory purchased by advertisers is actually delivered to a desktop or mobile device. In an environment where CTV inventory is at a premium, with viewability and ad completion near 100%, having CTV buys inadvertently routed to other devices is a problem that advertisers and publishers alike need to address.

CAV validates both the device to which your OTT advertisement was delivered (CTV, desktop, mobile), and the platform (Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Nvidia).

Reach and Frequency

CAV combines census-level measurement of OTT campaign exposure and InTarget delivery by recording every ad impression delivered across Tru Optik’s patented OTT Household GraphTM consisting of 80 million U.S. homes representing nearly 90% of U.S. OTT households that watch ad-supported OTT.Without CAV, agencies and even publishers themselves cannot accurately tell clients how many unique households were reached with their ad dollars. This is ridiculous and we all know it. Thanks to CAV this basic but pressing problem is no longer a roadblock to cross-screen, multi-publisher or platform-level campaign measurement.

Audience Delivery

Transact against any truth. Validate the percentage of households your campaign reached against demographic data from comScore, branded 3rd-party segments from over 100 leading data partners in the Tru Optik OTT Data Marketplace, or an advertiser’s first party data at Experian, LiveRamp or Neustar.

Tag Solution

Tru Optik’s CAV reduces integration queues and costs by utilizing a simple tag implementation system for total campaign measurement and audience validation.

Can Use


Reporting Metrics

Online self-service tool to order and set-up CAV tracking and reporting for any OTT campaign.
Impressions (In Aggregate and by Publisher)
Unique Households Reached (In Aggregate and by Publisher)
Average Household Exposure Frequency (In Aggregate and by Publisher)
Percentage of In-Target Delivery (by Device and by Household)
Location (U.S. State or DMA)


Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV) answers these fundamental campaign performance questions:

How many unique households were reached across all CTV platforms?

What is the optimal frequency for campaigns?

Are the premium CTV impressions purchased actually running on lower cost mobile devices?

Did the campaign actually reach specified targets, e.g., “auto intender” or “frequent traveler”?