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Legacy DMPs (data management platforms) require publishers and media companies to build off cumbersome SDKs (software development kits) that are impractical at best across the fragmented OTT and CTV ecosystem. These older solutions also rely on third party data in the form of cookies and devices IDs in order to create actionable audience and consumer segments that can be used for digital marketing campaigns.

However, cookies and device IDs are not prevalent across OTT. As a result both advertisers and publishers have been unable to leverage the granular first and third-party data needed to fully take advantage of the precision people-based marketing opportunity of OTT.



In order to solve this massive roadblock Tru Optik has launched the first cookie-less, SDK-free DMP.

This means advertisers can finally leverage branded data from leading third party vendors, as well as their valuable first party data assets to create customized segments for use across both direct and programmatic OTT/CTV campaigns.

The OTT Data Marketplace provides access to branded segments from a broad range of leading behavioral, demographic, and purchase data partnerships.

Data Market Place - DMP - Family

The OTT Data Market Place is the only repository of branded 3rd party data synced to Connected TV households and devices. It was built to complement the Tru Optik Data Management Platform in providing media companies, publishers, and advertisers with the ability to power audience based advertising across all OTT and CTV devices and platforms.

Choose from over 5,500 “Always On” segments ranging from demographics to auto intent, purchase behavior and more. If you want to create an even more custom or granular audience segment, the OTT Data Market Place has over 80 additional “On Demand” data partners, all of which can be activated across the entire OTT ecosystem (Desktop, Mobile, Connected TV) for both direct or programmatic campaigns.

The OTT Data Marketplace is unique because it enables marketers and advertisers to take full advantage of the precision people based targeting that digital offers to buy OTT and CTV.


The Tru Optik Political Data Cloud enables advanced audience targeting and cross-device measurement for political and issue campaigns.

With the Political Data Cloud, advertisers will be able to target specific voter groups on a local, state or national level across such factors as party affiliation, past voting behavior and issue orientation. Political data can be combined with behavioral, demographic and interest-based information, to create custom voter segments actionable across over 80 million U.S. homes through leading publishers and ad tech platforms.

Currently available to select test groups and will be available across all Tru Optik clients and partners starting Q1 2020.

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