The Tru Optik Political Data Cloud enables advanced audience targeting for political and issue campaigns across Connected TV and streaming audio.

The Tru Optik Political Data Cloud enables advanced audience targeting and cross-device measurement for political and issue campaigns for Connected TV and  Streaming Audio.​​

With the Political Data Cloud, advertisers can target specific voter groups on a local, state or national level across such factors as party affiliation, past voting behavior and issue orientation. Political data can be combined with behavioral, demographic and interest-based information to create relevant voter and issue-based segments actionable through leading publishers and ad tech platforms. And, the Political Data Cloud maximizes the reach of audience-based political ad campaigns because it is actionable across 80+ million U.S. homes.​


Connected Media is essential for candidates, campaigns and advocacy groups seeking to reach key demographic segments including young voters, upper-income households, and multicultural audiences. These cohorts are over-represented among the growing legion of cord cutters and “cord-nevers,” which means over 40% are effectively unreachable via linear TV.

​​In addition to being critical from a reach perspective, CTV and other streaming media offer many advantages that are tailor-made for political advertising: ​​

  • Advanced Targeting at Scale – Unlike linear TV and analog radio, CTV and streaming audio enable audience-based targeting on advanced characteristics including political interest and behaviors, such as party affiliation, past voting behavior, issue orientation and propensity to donate — critical to both fundraising and persuasion tactics.​
  • Maximum Reach – Tru Optik matches to publisher and platform traffic at 2X – 3X the rate of legacy digital targeting platforms. If your target consumes ad-supported connected media, the Political Data Cloud will reach them.​
  • Data Onboarding – Unlock the full power of 1st-party campaign data for streaming media targeting by onboarding it to the Data Marketplace. Sync using PII or digital keys.​
  • Custom Geographies – The ability to precisely target electoral geographies is an especially attractive feature of connected media for political advertisers. “All politics is local” as the saying goes, but even local buys can be inefficient because broadcast markets rarely match voting districts. Connected media eliminates wasteful advertising “spill out.”​


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