Truoptik INFronts 2018


INFronts 2018 Addresses Consumer Privacy, Measurement and Attribution Across Connected TV and Addressable TV

Industry Leaders from TiVo, ESPN, Samsung Ads, Videology, Experian, Alliant, MediaMath, 605, Dataline, Assembly Media, Modi Media, NBC Universal, and Tru Optik Discuss Latest Advancements in Thriving OTT Advertising Ecosystem

The future of television is no longer a mystery. The over-the-top (OTT) revolution has arrived. Three fourths of US households have Internet-connected TVs as consumers continue cutting/shaving the cord in favor of OTT, which offers on-demand access to a greater variety of content at a lower cost. OTT has supercharged television advertising by bringing advanced people-based targeting, digital precision, and real-time flexibility to the most influential screen in the household. With the growing demand for more precise TV targeting, a number of cable TV and satellite providers support household-addressable advertising, which offers advanced targeting capabilities in a linear TV environment.

On April 12, 2018, 150 leaders across the TV ecosystem – from media agencies, advertisers, content producers to adtech platforms – gathered at the Crosby Street Hotel for the 4th annual INFronts to discuss many of the key themes and challenges that will impact the future of TV going forward including the explosive growth of OTT, advanced technology, a fragmented marketplace, and an increasing focus on consumer privacy and data security.

The event, now regarded as the one of the most sought-after industry events on OTT and Connected TV (CTV), was hosted by Tru Optik, the audience intelligence and data-management platform at the forefront of OTT and CTV, featured a fireside chat with Krishan Bhatia, EVP of Business and Strategy at NBC Universal, and panels with leaders in OTT and Advanced TV distribution, buying and measurement, including:

  • Brad Danaher, Director-TV Solutions, Experian Marketing Services
  • Mike Fisher, VP, Head of Advanced TV & Video, MediaMath
  • Donna Hamilton, SVP, Product & Partnerships, Alliant
  • Francois Lee, EVP, Investment Director, Assembly Media
  • Molly Parr, Senior Director, Ad Platform Product Management, ESPN
  • Aleck Schleider, SVP, Client & Data Strategy, Videology
  • Michael Scott, East Coast Regional Sales Director, Samsung Ads
  • Ben Tatta, Co-Founder, President, 605
  • John Whitmore, Head of Data and Strategy, TiVo (moderator)
  • David Wiesenfeld, Chief Strategist, Tru Optik (moderator)

In his key note, Andre Swanston, CEO of Tru Optik, announced that Tru Optik’s service would be a free consumer privacy solution for everyone across the OTT ecosystem. Swanston also discussed trends in OTT and that fact that the streaming of long-form, professionally-produced content is increasingly taking place on a Smart or CTV and less and less on desktop and mobile. He noted, “The industry needs to understand that connected TV solutions don’t leverage cookies and device IDs.”

When discussing NBC Universal, Bhatia noted that OTT was growing even faster than NBC had originally predicted and that it is a critical strategy for the media company.

However, in the panel titled “M&A Fever: Measurement and Attribution across Advanced TV Advertising,” panelists noted the need for TV to push itself is beyond just “brand marketing” measurements and leverage the fact that OTT and addressable TV is 100 percent measurable. However, the industry as whole needs to commit to creating solutions that work both financially and in a timely manner for clients.

During the panel, “Mind Your Ps & Qs: Consumer Privacy, Data Quality, and Everything You Need To Know About Leveraging Data Across Connected TV,” panelists acknowledged that recent events with Facebook / Cambridge Analytica, as well as the impending GDPR rules in Europe, is forcing marketers to better understand their datasets, and create a new emphasis on brand first-party data (from a constituent relationship management system [CRM]), as well leveraging third-party data more responsibility. However, they also noted that expectation from consumers is still focused on relevancy and that data will become even more critical as advanced TV and OTT continue to proliferate.

Full length INFronts panel videos and INFronts Lounge interviews coming soon!