Tru Optik and TargetSmart Partner to Put Political Candidates Over-the-Top

Insights from the world's largest media and entertainment dataset available to democratic candidates who want to engage with voters across all screens including Connected TV

Stamford, Conn. – August 17, 2016

During one of the most dramatic election cycles in recent memory, hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent on advertising to drive voters to the polls on November 8. And, while campaigns and candidates will rely on the campaign tactics of 2008 and 2012 that include digital, social media, and of course, linear TV, campaigns now have the opportunity to leverage one of the largest, fastest growing media platforms millennials and multicultural audiences turn to for entertainment and news – Connected TV.

Tru Optik, the only audience measurement and data management platform built for over-the-top (OTT), announced today a partnership with TargetSmart, a voter intelligence and political data firm, to provide insights related to the entertainment content that Americans consume in order to more effectively optimize political media campaigns across mobile, digital, OTT and Connected TV.

Millennials and multi-cultural audiences are watching less content via linear TV and on desktops, and more via Connected TV devices – such as Roku, Xbox, and smart TVs. Connected TV brings precision one-to-one targeting capabilities to the largest, most-watched screen – the living room TV, making it an especially attractive and versatile platform for political campaigns. Now, candidates running for offices from City Council to President of the United States can understand what voters are watching and then deploy targeted campaign advertisements on OTT platforms.

“Voters are getting more and more of their election content via non-traditional sources. TargetSmart has the most comprehensive and accurate voter data offering and is a lynchpin to Democratic campaigns and Progressive organizations using these sources effectively. Now through our partnership, TargetSmart clients can layer in the world's largest anonymized media and entertainment dataset to ensure that they are delivering the right message through the right format/medium,” said Andre Swanston, co-founder and CEO of Tru Optik. “For example, if a candidate in South Florida understands that a certain voter segment over indexes in watching Scandal, that candidate can now purchase inventory on OTT, mobile, and addressable TV platforms to measurable segments of people in that district who have watched Scandal."

“Data drives every decision a campaign makes. The quality of data and insights that Tru Optik has and the ability for us to integrate our data with theirs, is a game changer. Connected TV will undoubtedly be crucial this year, and now Progressives and Democrats can use our data to make the same smart decisions through Tru Optik that we’ve been successful in promoting across multi-channel targeting for several campaign cycles,” said Bill Russell , Director of Digital Partnerships, at TargetSmart.

Tru Optik and TargetSmart take privacy very seriously. Tru Optik is the first audience data provider to allow for IP-based opt-out from interest-based marketing via the Tru Optik Household Graph™. This means consumers have the ability to opt-out all devices in their household including connected TVs.

Disclaimer: Tru Optik is not affiliated with and does not endorse any political party, organization, or candidate.

About Tru Optik

Tru Optik is a digital media intelligence company providing audience insight and advertising solutions that empower brand marketers and media companies to fully monetize audience and consumer demand. Armed with the largest census-level measurement of global over-the-top media consumption, Tru Optik’s proprietary data, advanced technology, and unmatched focus make us the preferred partner of many of the world’s largest media companies, brands, and agencies as they navigate the millennial led shift to OTT.

About TargetSmart

TargetSmart is the leading provider of political data that enables campaigns and organizations to successfully communicate with large audiences, and personalize outreach. Our superior politically-focused, consultative approach combines consumer data, databases, data integration and consulting solutions for personalized multichannel marketing strategies. TargetSmart leverages over 25 years of experience in data management to deliver high-performance, reliable data products and solutions.

Media Contacts:

Kate Tumino for Tru Optik

Matt Taverna for TargetSmart

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